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100 Dates with Jesus: One hundred unconventional ways to strengthen your relationship with Jesus!

Did you know that Jesus really likes you and loves spending time with you? Truth is, He’d love to hang out with you every second of the day—not just for a few minutes in the morning or for a single moment at night. And the rewards of getting to know Him are endless. 


In 100 Dates with Jesus, Stephanie Burrel challenges you to embark on a series of new, unconventional ways to fellowship with Jesus. Through these encounters, you will come to understand what it truly means to be His precious bride, the beloved. Whether it’s by bonding over a bonfire, writing poetry, dancing in the living room, or hanging at the zoo with Him, this deeper level of intimacy is sure to transform your life.


Your series of adventures starts now!

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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Chronicles of a Caring God: Healing for hurting hearts

In Chronicles of a Caring God, readers embark on a personal restorative journey where they encounter Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals.

In this powerful 30-day devotional, Stephanie shares:

  • Purpose in pain, goodness in grief, and true healing in God’s love

  • Testimonies of God’s unrelenting faithfulness

  • Scriptures to help you transition from the pit to the promise

  • Prevailing hope and encouragement  

The pages of this book express the caring nature of God and His desire to restore every hurting heart. Whether recovering from childhood trauma, divorce, the loss of a child, or life’s unmet expectations, this spiritually rejuvenating book creates a safe place for readers to experience deep healing and take back their lives.

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